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Line Marking Perth

line marking perth


line marking perth

Line Marking Perth started from humble beginnings but has grown rapidly to become the local go-to crew when it comes to line marking car parks, warehouses, shopping centers, schoolyard games, and sports courts. Our success is grounded in our total commitment to your requirements. We take pride in our capability to hear and react to the needs of our clients. We devise and manage your projects, delivering practical, affordable, timely resolutions. To emphasis our devotion to you, our clients, we utilise top-quality products, as well as late-model and marquee equipment. We provide:


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  • Car Park Line Marking
  • Road Line Marking
  • Factory and Warehouse Line Marking
  • Sports Courts Line Marking
  • School Line Marking

We provide line marking services to fulfil your needs. Regardless if you need a disabled persons' bay, a complete car park to be marked out, or directional arrows, our car park marking contractors can help. We presently perform work for numerous businesses, property management companies, shopping centres, and building companies. Regardless if you need an existing car park layout re-marked or a newly designed car park marked, Line Marking Perth can give it to you.
With years of experience in the line marking field servicing Perth, we can certainly advise you on how to make your car park safe, well organised, and functional for pedestrians and motorists. This would usually include sufficient provision of crossings, clearly defined walkways, directional markings, and disabled parking bays. We give you our car park line marking services with a no-obligation consultation and low quote.

Over the years, our clients have come to expect terrific customer service while getting the best quality product. Our company utilises advanced technology and tools available to provide the best results possible while complying with all codes. We can accommodate any special requests your project may require with courteous service in a safety conscious setting. Our local road marking contractors pride themselves on the work they perform and look forward to assisting you with any car park, driveway, or other road surface marking needs you may have. We are a complete and total, full-service pavement marking company specialising in line markings for roads, car parks, new construction, and schools, as well as seal coating, crack seal, extruded curb and restripe jobs.
Easily visible and understandable pavement markings are vital for guiding your customers and keeping them safe while on your property. We provide line marking solutions for car parks and roads as well as repainting.

line markers perth

All markings contain reflectorized glass beads for continuous wear and tear assets. Furthermore, our standard letter sizing means pedestrians and drivers will have no problem figuring out where they need to be.
We are a locally owned company for line marking in Perth, and we focus on pavement marking for various surfaces. Our Perth line markers service both commercial and domestic property. We focus on understanding and meeting our clients' needs with no surprises or hidden costs, like roaming fees for servicing the outlying areas.
Over time, we've developed a strong reputation in the WA area, forming long-term relationships with domestic and commercial clients who request the utmost in quality maintenance and line marking services. Acknowledging the difficulty of today's service industry, a successful company must competitively respond to the different needs of its clients. We are a unique, full-service company devoted to this principle.

line markers perth

We provide complete one-stop pavement marking services. From the smallest repair to the most significant renovations, every job we undertake gets the same unwavering attention to detail. Our reputation for quick responses, guaranteed craftsmanship and personal service combined with the added benefit of single source service means you can rely on us for all your line marking projects.

Allow our experienced professionals to give affordable line marking services that you can depend on now. Utilizing airless sprayers for precise marking, we provide an assortment of marking services for garages and new structures, even numbering the spaces. If the lines & markings on your concrete or asphalt lots or roads are cracking or fading, give us a call! As the best full-service pavement marking service, we're ready to help you make your lot and streets look as good as new! With years of experience, we always guarantee our work.  Since we started our business, we have completed hundreds of jobs throughout the WA area. We are the premier line marking company in Perth. By concentrating on quality, production, and safety, we have grown, providing operations throughout Perth.

perth line marking

Regardless of size or scope, we are ready to get the job done.  We have specialised machinery and experienced contractors for all material and application techniques. Should you need new parking lot lines painted or require a lot restriped, our crew can fulfil all your requests. From drawing and blueprinting to laying down the paint, you've come to the right place. Our line markers also specialise in basketball and tennis courts, warehouse safety aisles and playground equipment. Not only do we perform line marking, but we also have a huge variety of stencils and can do custom logos upon request.
Our contractors provide the complete car park and warehouse line marking right from draft and blueprint to laying down the lines regardless if it's a brand-new lot or a lot that needs restriping. We don't just paint lines. We also paint curbs, warehouse safety lanes, light post bases, and have a vast variety of stencils to fit the requests of safety markings, no park and fire zones and speciality parking.

We provide quick turnaround times, and we focus on price, quality, and customer relations. Our contractors arrive with our laser lines filled with quick-dry paint ready to spray your car park with a heavy coat. We take pride in preparing your car park with our new, gas powered, wire brush broom. Our quick-dry road paint is ready for your space and allows it to be re-opened in minutes. We provide two-part epoxy paint for your warehouse with our shot blaster. Our line marking contractors have the flexibility to get the work done when you need it done & not when it fits their schedule. Allow us to help you!


Our marking equipment handles everything from small line marking projects to hundreds of miles of roads. Re-lining a car park is a simple, relatively inexpensive way to brighten up a parking lot. Although it seems like an easy task, there are many things that can be done to "clean-up" a marking job. Using a marking machine and the belief that if you give incredible customer service and quality results, the business will grow. It's true, these values work!
We went from remarking around 30 small car parks our first season to over a 1,000 car parks this year. Usually, 85% of our clients every year are either repeat business or word of mouth. This is proof that excellent customer service is our goal.

We have also extended our service over the years, and now offer services such as school marking, preformed thermoplastic application, scarifying (line removal), and shared space or area markings. Are your car park stripes and fire lanes starting to fade? A newly marked car park aids your company stand out and is the first impression you give prospective customers. A clearly marked car park also guarantees greater safety and code compliance.


At Line Markers Perth, we can help you sustain the most current pavement markings for curbs, traffic, handicapped parking, and other safety markings. Regardless the size of your car park, we have the essential tools to handle even the most complex parking lot layouts. Our line marking contractors take pride in offering minimal disruption to your customers, clients, or tenants. We offer weekend and after-hour line marking services and can help you regardless if you need a job done at your:

  • School
  • Restaurant
  • Church
  • Apartment
  • Shopping Center
  • Any other business

Line Marking Perth has been the foremost provider of pavement markings in Perth for a long time. For generations, we've delivered innovative equipment and technology with top-quality suppliers to give the best combination of equipment, service, and expertise to all our customers. Our objective is to provide the highest level of service when you need it. Our vastly skilled professionals finish each job on budget and on schedule, one line at a time. You get just one chance to make a great first impression.

That first impression begins when someone pulls into your parking lot. We have been servicing car parks, roads, schools, etc. for a long time and we possess competence in the application, equipment, and job layout to achieve greatness. We provide a complete range of services and products that include all facets of construction and installation of all resilient markings (thermoplastic, epoxy, pre-formed/heat fused tape).

sports line marking perth

At Line Marking Perth, we are devoted to always looking to the future. We are continually working with industry leaders on developing and testing the next generation of line markings.
The lines applied are a safety tool for the motoring public. Picture a road on a dark and stormy night with no lines to direct you. Picture yourself on a four-lane highway with no lane lines to separate the slow cars from the fast. The importance of our work is crucial to keeping the motoring public on the straight and narrow roads and assists in getting motorists securely to their destinations.