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Correctly applied pavement markings are crucial in guiding the flow of traffic, offering protection for pedestrians and offering security from property damage. Line Marking Perth can deliver line marking for car parks, regardless if your present lot requires a little touch-up or you are starting from the beginning. Our car park line painting services include:

  • Designing a new layout
  • Restriping to your current layout
  • Handicap symbols and cross
  • hatching(fulfilling ADA requirements)
  • Direction markings like arrows
  • Crosswalks
  • Curb Painting
  • Shared Space or Area Markings
  • Parking Control Edge Lines
  • Specialty markings like "customers only" "reserved" and "visitors."
  • Loading Zones, Fire Lanes, and no parking
  • And Much More!



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Perth Car Park Line Marking

Contact us for an estimate to learn out more about our car park line painting services and how we can assist in the design or application of your car park project. More than half of all traffic accidents happen in a car park. Reduce your liability and give your customers peace of mind with clear markings throughout your car park.
Efficient design and layout are vital to enhancing the usage of an asphalt lot, as space is typically associated with a high price. By offering top quality and contrasting colours, the skilled line markers in Perth can give customers parking that meets their requests.
Overcrowded parking conditions can repeatedly lead to customers not wanting to visit a business, which translates into a severe loss of potential revenue. However, with the advanced planning involved in car park line marking, the car park becomes more welcoming and safe for visitors and customers. If you need the pavement markings re-done or if you are in need of line markings for your new car park, come to Line Marking Perth.