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Line Marking Perth FAQS


What is line marking?
Line marking is a method of providing members of the public with a visual guideline in many areas of their community. For example, line markings on roads provide the public with directions on where to drive, when to yield, when to give right of way, etc. Furthermore line markings are also used in various sports such as soccer to provide the players with a visual representation of, for example, where out of bounds is on the field. Lastly, without line markings, there would be no visual reference point to follow and so it would most likely cause disorganization.



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In what other situations are line markings used?
Moving forward, line markings are also commonly used to mark utility locations such as underground telephone lines, natural gas, pipelines, storm/water mains so as to make public aware that they are not able to dig in that specific area because it may cause a hazard. Furthermore, there is a color code in place in several countries to distinguish between the different line markings for different utilities.

What equipment is used to mark lines?
Thirdly, line markings Perth are produced by line markers. These are machines that provide easier methods of marking an area (rather than doing it by hand) and they come in several different forms such as spray line markers, transfer wheel line markers and aerosol line markers. Furthermore, one can argue that one machine is better than the other, however, it is merely preference as all are capable of producing good line markings without any problems or issues.

What problems can arise from line marking?
Last but not least, if not done properly and to high standards, line marking can actually cause more problems then it intends to solve. For example, sometimes when road work is being done, past line markings may be skewed or accidentally worn off without being replaced which may cause misinterpretation from members of the public and result in a car accident perhaps.